New Praise for “30 Days With King David: On Leadership”

In recent days these three reviews (some abridged) have appeared on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. Is this volume also touching your life?  Share a review on either site and share the good word of this timely book — a perfect choice for holiday gift-giving!


An unforgettable and highly readable account of a controversial biblical figure. The writing style is such that the reader feels engaged in real time with the author. The perfect book to try to place in context the leadership qualities that political pundits will be analyzing for years to come.  Congratulations, Dr Buxton, on a phenomenal addition to our understanding of what real leadership looks and feels like.

Nathan Goldin, M.D., VA

 Powerful and insightful guide toward effective leadership

In the last chapter of this book, Dr. Buxton describes David as a model of “virtue-driven, character-driven leadership.” Most of us would agree that we need such leadership (and especially perhaps need it now), and this work is an excellent guide toward that goal. The author walks us through an examination of what makes for effective leadership and how we can grow toward that goal. I particularly appreciated the way he ends each chapter by addressing the reader directly with a series of questions for self-exploration and growth. If you wish to model or merely help promote “virtue-driven, character-driven leadership,” … this book will be a wise investment of your time and energy.

Rev. D. Lynn Snider, MI

Time well-spent with an eloquent guide to King David

[Larry Buxton’s] beautifully crafted essays on the key virtues of good leadership blend poetry, Biblical verses, contemporary musical lyrics, philosophy, and anecdotes for a richly layered discussion. Across the chronology of David’s life, Buxton mines the breadth and depth of David’s leadership failures and successes. Always, Larry Buxton brings the conversation gently around to the reader, inviting personal reflection and examination in connection to the stories about David. This book of highly accessible, enjoyable, and thought-provoking essays is a delight.

Art Trekker