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Read the Spirit: Abraham Lincoln & Gettysburg

I am privileged to be published regularly in the newsletter Read the Spirit. I highly recommend your subscribing to it — it comes out every Monday — as various writers around the nation look for the deeper meanings and movements beneath everyday life. The July 4 issue is especially moving, as several writers share personal Read more about Read the Spirit: Abraham Lincoln & Gettysburg[…]

Travel Is a Spiritual Journey

He said in broken English, “The Bastille station is fermez. How do you say… it is closed.” My stomach dropped. Our carefully-made plans to thread our way through the streets of Paris, navigate the Metro, and arrive safely at our hotel, crumpled. And drawing on memories of high school French from decades ago, I managed Read more about Travel Is a Spiritual Journey[…]

What Great Wine Teaches Us

Not long ago I was privileged to join a Food and Wine Tour in France with my wife and two good friends. We spent time in the Burgundy and Bordeaux regions, tasting, learning about and appreciating the delicious wine of the area. One thing we learned is that the best wine comes from grapes grown Read more about What Great Wine Teaches Us[…]