Larry is extremely well-suited to help you reach your goals while sorting through all of the things that may be holding you back.  His integrity and honesty create a safe environment for discussion.

 -- Kathleen C., Clergywoman, Texas

With Larry's guidance and support, I felt like I had a "secret weapon"! Thanks to the coaching we did, I feel like I am much more confident, less anxiety-ridden, and on the right course to take the next step in my career.

 -- Charlotte P., Association Manager, Northern Virginia

I had the privilege of observing the Rev. Dr. Larry Buxton for 8 years. He is an excellent communicator, listener and leader!

 -- Bishop Charlene Kammerer, Ret., United Methodist Church

Larry has been an exceptional resource for me and truly exemplified the word "coach."   I highly recommend him to anyone looking to engage in professional coaching.

 -- Stephen W., Nonprofit Development Officer, Charlottesville